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"The QGBOTA is grateful for the support of the Queensland Racing Minister Grace Grace, and Racing Integrity Commissioner Ross Barnett, for recently quoting in the media our 'Zero Tolerance' commitment to any form of animal cruelty in greyhound racing.
To read about our commitment, please click on the Code of Ethics link".

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22nd July 2016

Welcome to the QGBOTA website
Updated 07.03.2016

QGBOTA NEWS - Updated 10.03.16
Media Release - 10.12.2015
Strategic Business Plan Queensland Greyhounds
2015 -2035

Subject: KPMG Greyhounds Australasia Project
Dear owners, breeders and trainers,
The Greyhound Owners, Breeders and Trainers Associations (GOTBA / GBOTA) across New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, Western Australian and Tasmania are assisting in the distribution of an online stakeholder survey for an independent industry-focused project being led by KPMG.
KPMG has been engaged by Greyhounds Australasia (GA) to develop a scenario-based model that identifies the potential impact of change on Australian greyhound racing industry sustainability. The aim of the project is to document the life cycle flows of greyhounds which enter and exit the greyhound racing industry across all six Australian states (i.e. ACT and Northern Territory excluded from this project).
As part of this project, a short online survey has been developed that seeks to understand the profile of greyhound racing industry participants across the six states and how their activities have been impacted by change in the industry. KPMG anticipates that this survey will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete. A link to the online survey is included below:

All responses will remain confidential and survey results will be aggregated so that individual answers will not be attributable to any one participant.
Please complete the survey no later than Friday, 24 June 2016. Should you have any further questions, please contact Natalya Sides at nsides@kpmg.com.au.
The co-operation of all greyhound racing participants in completing this survey is greatly appreciated.

RQ has endorsed the MacSporran recommendations and implementation of this project is in support of recommendations 4 to 7 and 14 of the final report of the Queensland Greyhound Racing Industry Commission of Inquiry released 1 June 2015.

Recommendation 10
61. The Commission recommends that when a greyhound pup is registered as contemplated by Recommendation 4, the required registration fee should include a component for the future welfare of the dog. It is clearly unacceptable to breed dogs for racing and not take responsibility for the welfare of all dogs which are bred, irrespective of their racing ability.

62. The quantum of this fee should be assessed to be an amount which is significant enough to reinforce the importance of animal welfare within the industry.

63. The fee would attach to each greyhound during its involvement in the industry and there would need to be administrative arrangements developed to provide for the transfer of the fee whenever ownership changed. The fee would in part be refundable to the last licensee responsible for the fee upon the QRIC being satisfied that appropriate arrangements had been made for the welfare of the dog.

64. The data reflecting these circumstances should also be maintained and retained by the QRIC in an official database such as OzChase. The data should also be available to the public upon request and the payment of a reasonable fee.


Project Description
Implement the MacSporran recommendations as defined within the Queensland Greyhound Racing Industry Commission of Inquiry – Final Report 1 June 2015.

The purpose is to capture the intent of the recommendations and implement a bond payment system that supports industry awareness of the responsibilities of industry to ensure the ongoing care and future welfare of racing animals through to and past retirement.

Business Need
To put in place measures to support the future care of animals post racing life.


To introduce a fee structure to reinforce the importance of animal welfare within the industry and encourage informed decision making for breeding decisions and the ongoing care and welfare of racing animals.

1. To increase the cost of the registration of the breeding female
a. To match that of the stud dog registration to $1,200. The cost of the breeding female registration is currently $250 as introduced as a new initiative from 1 September 2015 [GAR 127(6)]

b. The increase of $950 to be diverted to Greyhound Rehoming or Welfare Initiatives as managed by the RQ animal welfare department

2. To introduce a bond payable structure per pup at litter registration.
a. This is the age where the pups become identifiable as individuals and include mandatory micro-chipping for identification and vaccinations for the animal’s wellbeing.

b. To introduce the fee per pup at $250

c. The bond will follow the ownership throughout the Greyhounds life up to the receipt of complete and satisfactory R106 retirement notification submission to be paid to the current owner at that time

d. Where a notification is found to be unsatisfactory – the bond will be redirected to Greyhound Rehoming or Welfare Initiatives as managed by the RQ animal welfare department

Stakeholder Impact
Fee Implementation
a. Breeding Female Increase           1-Jul-16
b. Bond on Pup Registration            1-Mar-17

On implementation this will have a direct and significant financial impact on Greyhound owners and Breeders. Greyhound participants will need to be more subjective in the decision making stage for breeding decisions.


The MacSporran recommendation is clearly defined. The options are around pricing and timing of the placement of the bond. Racing Queensland considered the costs involved in preparing a greyhound for retirement through rehoming programs which, for GAP, comes in at approximately $500 per Greyhound. 50% of expected initial retirement costs was deemed a 'quantum significant enough to the importance of animal welfare within the industry'. Racing Queensland puts forward that to match the Greyhounds costs at $500 per pup may start to err into poor decision making based on financial constraints where stakeholders begin to choose to register lower numbers in litters than what has been produced.

It is to note that there may always be an element in an industry that knowingly make poor choices, it is RQ’s responsibility to increase awareness and provide the platform to ensure that value is placed on the Greyhound and the policing of areas where poor or wrongful decisions are made while balancing the assignment of a continuing and sustainable racing industry.
Submission to Racing Queensland
QGBOTA Wholly Committed to Industry Reform
Response to Proposal "Greyhound Pup Bond and increase to the Breeding Female Fee"
9th March, 2016
The QGBOTA and its Members are wholly committed to industry reform with animal welfare being front and center of all our decision making. Greyhound adoption was born from participant's care for our greyhounds, and it is participants who have been calling for improved adoption programs for many years. QGBOTA members support reform in the accountability for the welfare of our greyhounds, this includes the role and responsibilities of regulators, individual participants and the culture of the industry in its entirety.

1. Any additional direct financial burden imposed upon participants should only be considered holistically in the context of an overall industry strategic plan, signed off by stakeholders. Latest breeding data is alarming and strategic planning should consider:-

a. Assessing the impact that deep changes already made are having on breeding volumes (breeding Australia wide dropped by 30% in 2015, on first two months of 2016 a similar drop of 20-30% from 2015 numbers is anticipated);
b. Impacts already being felt by rising costs and diminishing prize money (in real terms) and industry confidence (Greyhound Breeding Industry Australia wide invests $70-80m annually in pups);

c. The effect of the current breeding decline as to the industry's ability to sustain commercial agreements and existing investment and infrastructure (for example, breeding establishments where capital is deeply embedded) and the resulting then spiraling impact of that (the drop in breeding will significantly impact on commercial suppliers, due to downturn in pup births);

d. There should be a national context given to support overall national reform (we would actively participate through the Australian Federation of GBOTA's)

2. Before any financial impost is imposed, wider strategic planning for the growth of adoption programs should be worked (marketing, structure), costed and signed off by stakeholders. The QGBOTA has not been given any buy in to this to this date which contrasts to work being done in other states such as recent initiatives by GRNSW to work with external adoption groups and recommendations of the NSW Joint Working Party. In further context, financial beneficiaries of the greyhound industry are wide; and the cost of the necessary welfare reforms should be appropriately and fairly shared and have regard to the best practice of other racing codes who we expect are working through similar necessary reforms.

3. The specific charges should be considered in a holistic approach, however, in direct comment:-

a. The matching of female and male breeding registration fees is not appropriate, due to the relative breeding opportunities of dogs versus breeding females. Any adjustment to female registrations should be nominal. The proposal is rejected and rather the funding targeted from this impost should be considered in the wider strategic planning;

b. The majority of our members are committed to their welfare of their greyhounds and the QGBOTA is participating widely in extrapolating this into the entire industry culture. Culture should not be built through squeezing out honest and genuine people out of their past-time, rather, we propose that the breeding scheme (now defunct) should be replaced with rewarding good welfare performance. The industry should use supportive technology to help with breeding decision making, and participant education around breeding selection and practices should be given heavy focus. Then poor participant behavior, should be met with appropriate responses;

c. If the bond was to become mandatory on the timetable suggested, the fee should be lowered to $50 until a fuller strategic plan is signed off by the industry and therefore, funding for adoption programming costing can be appropriately determined and shared and be full in its focus;

d. We propose a voluntary prize money contribution system be made available; this may have particular appeal for racing syndicates (where syndicate members may be eligible to receive payment if retaining as a pet).

In summary, we would value a holistic strategic planning approach to industry reform where animal welfare is front and center of all decision making, and industry sustainability is secured. We do not feel the current proposal provides sufficient balance and its wider impacts have not been adequately considered.

Your sincerely
Brenton Wilson

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