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Participants call for Racing Qld Board to step down
24 March 2015

The Open Forum held at Albion Park was attended by Racing Queensland CEO Darren Condon and Queensland Greyhound Racing Board chairman Michael Byrne, approximately 300 greyhound participants and 6 security guards.
Many questions had been submitted to Racing Qld prior to the meeting by the participants, but only a couple of them were answered with any satisfaction.  The burning question was, "Why action had not been taken, when RQ were originally made aware of suspicious acts?"        

Presidents Report
22nd March 2015

Last month we were angry and saddened by the scandal involving our industry Australia wide, but this month we are still angry and are now asking a lot of questions as to why our innocent victims are being treated so badly.

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Zac Bryson will answers our questions.

Heat Wave Policy
With the Heat Wave weaving it way through Queensland, it is important that participants know Racing Queensland's Policy
This is an extract from:
Approved Racing Queensland Section 81 Policies
Racing Queensland Limited
ANIMAL WELFARE POLICY -  Read more ..............

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