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Prize money boost for Greyhounds.

Monday 18/08/2014.
Racing Queensland has announced a major prize money boost for the three racing codes. On a percentage basis, greyhound racing has received the largest increase of the codes.

The key increases are:
Metro Thursday racing becomes nationally competitive with 54 per cent increase to graded races to $7,500, 51% increase to 710m graded races to $8000, and 34% increase to Open races to $9,500.
Class 3 racing at both Ipswich and Brisbane increasing 76% for graded races to $2,250, and 43% for maiden races to $1,750. Class 2 racing will also receive similar increases.
Class 6 racing in Rockhampton and Townsville increasing 49% for Open races to $1750 and 30% for Graded Races to $1200, and Country racing up 40% to $800.
Queensland All Codes Racing Industry Board Chairman Kevin Dixon said "The best part of the new deal is... that if the racing industry pulls together and performs, increases like these will continue to flow in the future."

The media release and a full breakdown of the prize money increases can be viewed on the Racing Queensland website.

We can take this to mean that greyhound racing in Queensland is now the master of it's own destiny. Instead of being locked into a prescribed percentage share of the spoils for an arbitrary period we will now have our future income determined by how well we perform as an industry. In other words, we will get back our fair share of what we put in!

The QGBOTA applauds Racing Queensland and the board for delivering a such a satisfying outcome for Queensland greyhound racing participants.

We can also report that Cronulla Park has the full support of the local member for Woodridge, Mrs Desley Scott. Mrs Scott introduced herself to QGBOTA members at the RNA Sweepstakes day at the Ekka on Sunday confirming that the development of Cronulla Park will be going ahead.

If there was ever a time for the Queensland greyhound industry to pull together it is now. We have the prize money boost we've been waiting for, we have a new track on the way and OUR performance, not the performance of the other two codes will determine our future.

Ekka 2014 Winners
Best Bitch & Best Of Breed
Entire Greyhound
Bright Ebony - On The Ball
Exhibitor - Nina Uhrhane
Best Dog & Best Of Breed
Neutered Greyhound
Pure Octane - Super Size
Exhibitor - Sandra Fearn
Best Dog
Entire Greyhound
FLY WITH ME (Clarkie)
Superman - Swift Azz
Exhibitor - Kelly Anderson
Best Bitch
Neutered Greyhound
Made To Size - Solid Skye
Exhibitor - Tara Gatehouse

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Heat Wave Policy
With the Heat Wave weaving it way through Queensland, it is important that participants know Racing Queensland's Policy
This is an extract from:
Approved Racing Queensland Section 81 Policies
Racing Queensland Limited
ANIMAL WELFARE POLICY -  Read more ..............

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